Teeter Hang Ups EP-950 Inversion Table Review

teeterhangThe Teeter Hang Ups is making its rounds across the chiropractic world. Many are swearing by it, saying it helps them in ways nothing else can. Does it stand on solid ground? Uncover the truth here.

The human back is a delicate machine. When it’s well oiled, its ability sets us apart from other members of the animal kingdom. When it’s not, it can hinder our day-to-day activities in such a way as to make them impossible.

Back pain is serious. We have soft discs between each vertebra that allow us to move the way we do. Upon hearing “ruptured disc”, do you cringe? You should. It means the disc is damaged. People often turn to pain medication to deal with lower back pain, but they are only making a symptom of pain more manageable. Your body is one of the most complex on the planet. When your body is in pain, perhaps you should listen to it rather than numb the symptom.

All too often will a physician prescribe some sort of pain medication to deal with back pain than to deal directly with the problem. They take the medication, then go out and dance the two-step. The reply comes back to the physician, “Yeah Doc! The drug works great! I can do what I want now!” What they don’t realize is by covering up the pain rather than dealing with it, their back will get worse without you knowing about it. Not more than six months of constant abuse, that person ends up with a ruptured disc. The patient is now in surgery with no clue why this happened.

Don’t be that person. Ignorance is bliss—so they say. What you don’t know won’t hurt you, right? Wrong. Knowledge isn’t power. It is potential power. It’s difficult to justify a poor decision when you know better.

So what makes Teeter Hang Ups stand out from the crowd? It is an inversion table—one of those tables that allow you to hang upside down to stretch in ways you can never accomplish when you’re standing right side up. There are a couple of things I look for when I see an inversion table. One, I’m a big guy who can be rough on his stuff. I look for quality above all else. I want to know if the table can stand up to my abuse. I don’t want to be delicate with the table. While I don’t go around breaking my things, I don’t wish to feel like I’m walking on eggshells, either.

Roger Teeter – The Man Behind the Vision

rober-teeterRoger Teeter couldn’t have played on his name any better. Inversion tables are like teeter-totters from childhood playgrounds. He invented this machine and put plenty of thought and effort into it. He may be a television icon now, but his journey started from back pain. He started his company in 1981. He is not just a spokesperson for the business—he is the man behind it all.

That says a lot if you consider that he staked his name on the success of his company. If his product failed, his name would be forever tainted. A name is one of the most precious commodities people have. Most people don’t go into business with the intentions of “settling.” Instead, most people go into business—with their name to top it off—because they want to be the best at something. They want to make it to the top. You can’t do that without some sort of passion for what you do. Roger Teeter did that perfectly. For me, putting your face and name on a product you invented is all the credibility someone needs.

What to Expect/How It Works

As an inversion table, its use is intermittent. Gravity is working against our spines from the day we are born. Humans are bipeds—meaning we walk upright on two feet. That leaves the full force of gravity to work on our spines. The only relief we have is when we are horizontal on our beds.

In fact, it is this principle that makes the Teeter work so well. Did you know that you grow by a few centimeters ever night? It’s true. The reason we don’t see it is because gravity presses down on our spine every day. When we are horizontal, the pressure is taken off. This means our discs have a chance to expand.

This inversion table takes this concept a step further. By hanging upside down for just a few minutes each day, we are undoing the damage done by gravity. There are no painkillers to take, no surgery, and no significant medical bills. If you were to take care of your back, this is one of the best ways you can do just that.

One of the impressive features of this machine is how easy it is to set it up. I thought there would be more screws and more complicated instructions. I was pleasantly surprised to find only ten screws are needed:

  • Two screws for each handle = four screws
  • Two screws for each of the oversized handle guards = four screws
  • Two screws for the support bar on the underside of the table = two screws

Everything else clicks and locks into place. If you’re not flexible, you might have a hard time reaching your ankles. The table has to lock your ankles in place for you to be in any inverted position. Any table would be an ultimate failure if the table is unable to grab your ankles and you hit the ground headfirst. They have what they call Over-EZ handles to make it easy for you to grasp the machine. New users will be grateful for this, but it’s not just for them. Experienced users will find new angles to stretch comfortably with these handles.

The table comes with a special strap embroidered with colored lines to make some of the most common inversion angles easy to set up. One line is at 20º, the next at 40º, and the third at 60º. If you want a full inversion (hanging upside down), remove the strap completely.

The last thing I’d like to mention is how it folds up quickly. It’s not as bulky or as heavy as I thought it might be. I have a linen closet in my hallway I usually use for coats, and I find that it fits in there perfectly.

What Others Have Said

Even if you are not distraught with back pains, this is an excellent fitness table. It helps you stretch in ways you didn’t think were possible. Most people are happy with the value of the machine—in other words, you get what you pay for.

Some people said it even helped with discomfort they weren’t even aware they had. I’ve found people from all walks of life, whether they sit in an office chair all day long or are on their feet. Every one of them has been amazed at the level of comfort and relief this offers. It’s not hard to see why. The very principle that makes this work so well is gravity.

What to Watch Out For

The worst thing I found about this advice is that it lacks a locking mechanism at the full 90º inversion level. I haven’t found safety or complexity to be an issue. Furthermore, the feet are padded in such a way as to make it safe for every type of floor from soft wood and linoleum to hard tile.

Buying Advice

Always buy from Amazon. At least, that’s what I tell people. They have a great customer service team with great customer service. They set the customer service standard other companies try to match. If it was damaged during delivery or you want to return it for any reason, Amazon has your back.

This machine comes with a 5-year limited warranty against defects.


To really discover the benefits of the Teeter Hang Ups EP-950, you need to experience it for yourself. You owe yourself that much. At $400, you get a machine that will give you a lifetime of relief. This table comes highly recommended. Get yours here.

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