Exerpeutic Comfort Foam Inversion Table Review

experpeuticomfortThe Exerpeutic Comfort Foam Inversion Table has all the benefits of inversion therapy without the over-the-top price tag. Does it hold up as a strong competitor or does it sink by the wayside? Draw your conclusions here.

Inversion therapy is easily one of the best things to help your back, whether or not you’re distraught with back problems. In fact, many people who use it don’t have back problems. They want to use it because it feels good to force gravity to work with your back rather than against it. What is inversion therapy, and how does it help people?

Inversion therapy is the art of hanging upside down—literally. Approach the table, strap yourself in, and slowly but surely start tilting yourself upside down. It is a natural approach to frequent back pain and soreness without any surgery or pills.

When you are upright, gravity works against your back, pushing the top of your body down. In between each vertebra in your back, you have small round pieces of cartilage called “discs.” These disks continually take the brunt of the pressure and keep your bones from rubbing against each other. When you lie down horizontally on a bed, you are giving your back relief from this downward pressure. If you’re on your feet all day, in retail, construction, or even in the medical field, you know what a relief it is to lay down after a long day at work.

Inversion tables take this horizontal relief principle one step further and allow gravity to work for you instead of against you. When you are inverted, you’re not horizontal. Your feet are in the air, and your head is towards the ground. It’s one of those unusual things you have to experience for yourself. Once you do, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.

Paradigm Health & Wellness

paradingm-helthParadigm does it again with Exerpeutic Fitness. I say “again” because they are the parent brand behind Exerpeutic, and they own other brands, like IronMan Fitness. IronMan Fitness is a big-box brand of fitness equipment. They are located in Industry City, California. Their parent company was quite easy to find on their website, along with an address, a local telephone number, and a toll-free phone number. IronMan seems to be a bigger name with Exerpeutic being a competitor, but in reality, Paradigm Health & Wellness owns and operates both of them.

It’s a wonder how powerful a name is, with IronMan and IronKids appearing to compete with themselves. I can go to a gym and mention IromMan, and everyone knows who I’m talking about, while if I say Exerpeutic, hardly anyone will have heard of the name. I suppose this is why IronMan commands higher prices—this table from Exerpeutic is half the price of a comparable one that carries the IronMan name.

What to Expect/How It Works

I was pleasantly surprised at how easy this machine was to put together. It is well constructed. It feels thick—more like a heavy-duty table than a midrange one. At just over $100, I don’t think I can find another table this well-constructed at this price—an incredible value.

I wish there were more to the foot rollers. On any inversion table, when you are inverted at any angle, the machine grabs you by the ankles to keep you from sliding down and hitting your head on the ground. No inversion table has straps to hold you in—that would defeat the purpose of inversion tables by putting weight on the straps holding you in, rather than letting your back get a good well-deserved and well-needed stretch in while you’re in the inverted position.

The foot rollers, while comfortable, provide a bit of a safety hazard. I feel I can’t completely relax my legs because I feel that I’m going to fall. It is natural for your feet to lift slightly off the foot rest. With this one, while you won’t fall if used correctly, it won’t lock down on my ankles, providing me with a piece of mind that I won’t be slipping down and hitting my head

It took between 10 – 15 minutes to put together. I weigh in at 250lbs. I’m not exactly what you might call petite. I’m a big, clumsy ogre. This machine is rated at 300lbs max, and it held me quite well. I would recommend a pair of padded socks and good sneakers before you start inverting with this table.

What Others Have Said

If I ignore the actual inversion therapy, and how people think it’s the next best thing to sliced bread, we can find out what others think about this machine.

Others feel the same way I do about the foot support. One guy felt that the inversion strap was a bit cheap as it “gave” a bit while he was on the machine. We found a fix online where someone replaced the strap with an automotive tie-down that supports in excess of 500lbs. We went to go get one (there’s a WalMart just around the corner) and found that it felt a lot safer.

I read a review that said that he felt he had to use his own tools rather the ones that came in the box. Honestly, I did the same thing, but not for the same reason. While he felt the provided tools were inadequate, I did it because I like my tools.

It folds up nice and flat when it’s not in use. When you store it against the wall, it’s not in the way at all.

What to Watch Out For

Watch how you use the device. The machine won’t lock around your ankles—your feet will slide into place and from there, you need to use your judgment. If you wear thick, padded socks and a good pair of tennis shoes, you should be okay. The ankle supports won’t let you fall unless you really try to break free.

The bolts are soft and prone to stripping easily. If you intend on using this machine long-term (who wouldn’t?), then I suggest buying steel replacements.

Beyond that, it’s a great little machine.

Buying Advice

While most people love their inversion table, this isn’t always the case. Unless you enjoy lugging this around in your vehicle, then I suggest purchasing this one at Amazon—of course, I always recommend them.

They have a coveted, world-class customer support team. If, for any reason, you wanted to return it, you can—if you buy from them. I’m sure other places will do the same thing, but not as easy as Amazon will.


For the price, this is the best table I have ever reviewed. It doesn’t have every single bell and whistle you might find on a $400 machine, but at a mere quarter of the average price, you’ll find a machine that is built to last. Inversion therapy has to be experienced to be appreciated.


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