Body Champ IT8070 Inversion Table Review

bodychampThe Body Champ IT8070 Inversion Table makes inversion a walk in the park. It is almost entirely hands-free. As one of the cheaper models, is it able to compete toe-to-toe against some of the heavyweight tables? Discover the truth for yourself.

Inversion tables are some of the most impressive machines ever invented. You know that feeling you get when you lay down on your bed for a really good whole-body stretch, confident that the bed won’t let you fall? Yeah—inversion therapy is a bit like that. They have the ability to counteract the effects of gravity, elongating your spine for some much-needed relief. Inversion table therapy can help with a myriad of common back problems, from severe injuries and incurable bone conditions to just being sore after a long day at work.

The table works quite literally by inverting you. As you lay on the table with your feet strapped in securely, you tilt backward. Your feet are in the air while your head is towards the ground. As you tilt back, you begin to feel the effect immediately. Pressure you didn’t even know you had begins to release itself, and you’re left in a serene state of relaxation.

Body Champ enters the arena with a table of their own. This isn’t a heavyweight table—it only holds 250lbs. Most people don’t reach that weight, making it perfect for most people. One of the unique aspects of this table is how you become inverted. Once your feet are secure, the inversion happens naturally. Lift your hands above your head and you’ll feel yourself becoming inverted.

Most people don’t stay inverted for more than 15-20 minutes at a time, but because it is drug-free and works on the principles of gravity, you feel the effects immediately. It has two over-molded pull bars for when you’re ready to be right side up again.

Inversion tables are attractive because they are drug-free. The effects are felt immediately, and once you own it, you don’t need to worry about expensive therapy ever again. That makes inversion tables worth a $400 price tag alone—but you don’t need to pay that to be the proud owner of one. In fact, this one is a quarter of that, sitting pretty at $114.

Hupa International

bodyflexIt had taken some digging before I found the parent company of Body Champ. Body Champ is a BodyFlex brand owned by Hupa International. They are not upfront about it—I found out through third-party sources. Once I found the parent website, BodyFlex was featured, but Body Champ was not. The easiest way to find a parent company is to search for customer service of the brand in question. It feels like they are hiding. I don’t know why they would make it so difficult if they have such a good product.

They are headquartered out of Walnut, California, with Corporate Marketing and Sales offices in Grapevine, Texas. They do urge you to call their customer support number toll-free if you experience any issues with their equipment at 1-888-266-6789. I would like to know more about the company, but I could find nothing more than a mission statement on their About Us page.

What to Expect/How It Works

The assembly of the machine didn’t take long—about 30 minutes. The parts felt a bit cheap, and I’m inclined to go to my hardware store around the corner to buy better quality nuts and bolts. You will need a socket wrench set to put this together.

Once together, wedge your feet in place, then raise your hands above your head. The position of the table is dependent upon the position of your arms. If you lower your arms to your side, the table will flip you right side up. If you need help, the over-molded handlebars on each side will help you get back into position.

It’s not a heavy-duty model. The weight limit is 250lbs max, and that’s pushing it with me. I weighed this thing at just under 50lbs, so folding it up and putting it away was quick and easy. The feet rollers are barely adjustable. I recommend wearing padded socks with a good pair of sneakers with a thick tongue on them. Otherwise, at least for me, you might experience some soreness on the top of your feet. I didn’t feel too sturdy on it, but that’s because I’m a big guy. We tried it with a few other people who were smaller by comparison, and they say they had no problem with feeling safe while on the machine.

What Others Have Said

With an Amazon rating of 4.4 stars out of a possible 5, it appears that people like it. I know I do—the same goes for the people who tried it to write this review. Most reviews on inversion tables are positive because of the relief they can bring people. That being said, this is not the table you will find in your chiropractor’s office. It is basic. It does the job, but people feel it could have been made out of higher quality materials.

For the money—just over $100—the table is perfect. You get what you pay for with this one. If you want one with better bells and whistles, then go with a more expensive brand. However, this table does the inversion job perfectly, so why pay more than you really need? You’re the only one using it, and you’re not on it all day every day. If used correctly, you’re only on it for a few minutes at a time, either daily or when you experience pain.

What to Watch Out For

Don’t overdo it. If you’re like most people, you haven’t hung upside down since you were in grade school. If you feel a head rush, don’t panic. This is normal. Know and respect your limits.

If you don’t adjust the ankles just right, the top of your feet might be sore after using this table. It is perfectly normal to have your heels lift off the footrest while you’re inverted—after all, you’re hanging upside down. It may take a few instances of trial and error to get it right for your feet.

Buying Advice

This inversion table, like many others, is offered by WalMart, Amazon, Kmart, and several other outlets. While the price is comparable, don’t buy it from anyone than Amazon. I say this for many reasons. Other than their awesome customer service and impeccable return policy, it is delivered to your house. Unless you have a truck or SUV, and you enjoy lugging around large items, then leave it to UPS to deliver to your door. UPS drivers are trained on how to handle large packages, plus they have the trucks to handle it.


For the money, you can’t beat this table. It is of perfect value without leaving your wallet empty. It is small enough for apartments, yet sturdy enough to be the perfect addition to a home gym. You need to feel the effect for yourself. Inversion tables are amazing little machines.

Get yours here.

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